Tracks for NPEC 2023

We invite prospective authors to submit their original research papers covering following topics, but not limited to:

Power Converter Topologies, Components and Devices

  • Power Devices, Components and Magnetic Materials

  • Modelling, Control and Stability

  • Gate Drivers, EMI, EMC and Protection

  • Advanced Topology

  • Efficiency and reliability

  • Fault tolerant converter

  • Machine Learning Applications in Power Converters

Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems

  • Distributed Energy System

  • Wind and Solar PV systems, Fuel Cells

  • Grid Integration and Policy issues

  • Bidirectional Power Converters

  • Solid state transformer

  • Microgrids and Hybrid grids

Electric Mobility and Transportation

  • Power Electronics for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

  • Vehicles Power Electronics Circuit and System

  • Charging System and Standards

  • Small, Medium and Long-range wireless power transfer

Energy Storage Systems

  • Integration of storage with Solar/Wind Energy Systems

  • Battery, Supercapacitors and Fly wheel

  • Energy management system

  • Integration of Energy Storage Systems

  • Biomass, Hydrogen based Sources

Power Flow Control and Power Quality

  • Modeling and Control

  • System Integration

  • Distributed Generation and Grid Interconnection

  • FACTS devices

  • Power Quality conditioners, HVDC Converters & Control

Drives and Control

  • Advanced Control of Drives

  • Design, Optimization and Condition Monitoring of Electrical Machine

  • AC, DC, BLDC Drives, Reluctance Machine Drives

  • Actuator, Sensor Integration

  • Design Automation for Power Converters